if you want to survive the soggy season.

February 2023

Natural forces are social forces, and we are nature.

January 2023

Enlightenment, courtesy of a dog who can't see.

December 2022

Your soul hears what your ears do not.

November 2022

Tips for learning who visits your feeders

October 2022

by Bill Church, originally published in Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine, September 2007 Wild Ginger is completely unrelated to grocery store ginger root, but…
True darkness, true silence.
Tales that might otherwise remain hidden deep in the woods forever.
I did what I could.
Getting to Know Nature

September 2022

There's still time in the season for fresh vegetables.
I moved from my old-fashioned house with a wrap-around porch to an upscale ranch-style with a granite counter-top and home owner association fees…