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The need for simple, rural, sustainable living has become increasingly important. We are facing uncertain times of challenges, but also expansion, growth, recovery, innovation, and new concepts. A renaissance is proceeded by such dark days, shifting cultural values and a return to classic knowledge.

Sometimes the old ways are best, simple lives with healthy relationships with nature, community, and self. Kindness. Compassion. Sometimes the old ways need to be combined with new ideas.

The world spins far too fast, but the precepts of a Two-Lane lifestyle remain the same: family, faith, simplicity, self-reliance, and living with and working with the natural world around us. We have faith that West Virginia, Appalachia, and America are at the beginning of a renaissance. Join us.

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A conversation about embracing life through the lens of Appalachian nature, culture, spirit, and simplicity.


Lisa Hayes-Minney
Michele S. Zirkle, MA, PhD
Author of 3 novels, 4 anthologies, holistic healer & life coach. Teaches empowerment workshop sessions and healing events. www.michelezirkle.com https://twitter.com/MicheleZirkle
Robin A Holstein
Christian, conservative, wife, mother. Proprietor Holstein House, president Robin's Desktop, LLC. Author, & writer. Degrees in business, office administration. Ordained through ULC, and AMM. I sing for Christ. Dog, cats, chickens, and ducks.