Welcome to my Renaissance!

For ten years, I worked from home, tending the garden, lawn, hens, bees, house, farm. A decade of striving for independence and sustainability, living outside the rat race. And then I spent three weeks traveling, and upon my return, decided to attend graduate school.

And to pay it off, I had to get back in the race and get a job. Because I had scholarships and used up my savings, I could get by with a part-time job, which I loved, and then, by no fault of my own, I moved up the ladder.

Part-time became full-time, along with increased responsibilities, increased frustrations, and then the pandemic, during which time I paid off my school loan. And now, seven years later, I’m going to revert to my previous plan.

Of course, by now the garden has lain fallow for four years, and the chicken flock is down to two hens. All my canning jars, collected from yard and estate sales (more than 600 in all), are empty. All the simplifying I had done in the house, organizing and living healthy — is all neglected and chaotic again.

I’m getting back to the land again.

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A conversation about embracing rural life - through the lens of Appalachian nature, culture, spirit, and simplicity.


Lisa Hayes-Minney

Lisa Minney is a GenX Centrist, in a secluded rural community, scrambling to regain focus in her mid-life. A lifetime Type A planner, currently attempting to live in the present, operating on faith, in spite of current conditions.

Robin A Holstein

Christian, conservative, wife, mother. Proprietor Holstein House, president Robin's Desktop, LLC. Author, & writer. Degrees in business, office administration. Ordained through ULC, and AMM. I sing for Christ. Dog, cats, chickens, and ducks.