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Baby Steps to Somewhere

Light the Pilgrimage to Your Potential

Do You See What the Night Wind Sees?

My Father's Final Christmas

10 Steps to a Happier Life

The Christmas Scorpion, by Lee Child

Sanctified and Off Key

Can There Be Peace on Earth 3

Can There Be Peace on Earth Pt. 2

Can There Be Peace on Earth Pt. 1

This December, consider Practicality and Purpose


Sanctify Your Cyber-Space

How Grandpa Balanced a Paint Can and an Ice Cream Cone

Heart Power is Horse Power

Living with Practical Purpose

Saying Thank You

Extraordinary Living for Ordinary People

The Newness of November

Identifying Your Feathered Friends

On Fire

Odder, by Katherine Applegate

The Importance of Self-Reflection

A Morning Cup of Joe

Extraordinary Living for Ordinary People

A Holistic View Is A Spiritual View

Extraordinary Living for Ordinary People - 1

Wild Ginger

Winter is Coming

10,000 Days in the Woods

Input from Earth Mother

Let's Talk About Socks

Student Loan Relief

Keep Your ‘Elegy’: The Appalachia I Know Is Very Much Alive

The 5 Preconditions a Renaissance Requires

The Not-So-Great Hermit Crab Rescue

The Great Blue Heron

Talking Trash: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

October Crafting Calendar

Returning to West Virginia

The Power of the Environment

Tips for Effective Meditation

We Are Connected by The Spirit of Christ

This Moment is Enough

Sweet Success

Wallowing in this depressing media

Preserving the Harvest

The Lost Art of Front Porch Sitting

Porch Setting

Honoring Rosie the Riveters

Music For the Unsung

Heirs of God

Good Night Tips for Natural Sleep

Trying to Walk a Straight Line

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Summer Wanes

Eyewitnessing Sasquatch

Beach-bound Cool Cats

The Ripening of Summer

Emotional Intelligence

Unprofitable Servants

Remaining Whole

The Dirtiest, Most Divine Sanctuary


Stop Self-Sabotaging

And above all these things put on charity,

Another Letter to Another Editor

Deep the Mountain

I've Lowered My Expectations

O You of Little Faith?

Are You The Samaritan or the Jew?

eBook: The Self-Concept Makeover

Stop the World -

Journaling for Mental Health

Journaling for Creativity

Journaling for Personal Growth

The Dangers of Anger

Porch-Sitting Season

Solve Life's Challenges with your Journal

Journaling Affirmation

Self-Awareness & Understanding

Salt and Light

Visual Journaling

We Are All Spiritual

Clearing the Fog

The Magic of the Personal Journal

eBook: The 7 Day Journaling Workbook

That Is How Their Ancestors Treated The Prophets

The Journaling Series

Quiet Cacophany

The Law of Love

Getting My Ducks in a Row

Attitude of Nonrevenge

Are you there God? It's me, Lisa.

You, Me, the Birds, and Bees

And I Will Heal Their Land

Deal Not Foolishly

Bathtub Yoga & Prayers from the Porcelain Throne

In the Garden

Therefore, do not worry

Happiness, Liberty, Life

Making a Joyful Noise


The Return of the Red-Wing Blackbird

Why Can't I Just Get Along?

Misplaced Faith

Appalachian Type A Independence

Give Yourself Permission

You and Me and Rain on the Roof

Out Of The Darkness

Letter to Another Editor

Reverend?! Seriously?!

Signs of Spring

Use What You've Got

Peace. Be Still.

Let's Talk About Socks

The Two-Lane Re-Boot

Shining Light on the Sunshine Law

When Two-Lane Livin' was born...

On Spirituality

Are You Ready To Break Free?

The New Two-Lane

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